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”Our bodies are like tents that we live in here on earth. But when these tents are destroyed, we know that God will give each of us a place to live. These homes will not be buildings that someone has made, but they are in heaven and will last forever.”    2 Corinthians 5 (CEV)

“God is our mighty fortress, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1

In my early adult years, I had two best friends. We took an Old Testament Bible class together. One of our pastors, who taught the class, nicknamed us The Three Musketeers. We had so much fun in that class, probably too much, and we learned so much about the Old Testament. It was a fantastic Bible History class. Rigorous studying, yet sprinkled with fun. The first time I saw a Veggie Tales cartoon was in that class and we giggled so much! I have been thinking about my friends and reminiscing those good times. At this time of the year, we made Christmas crafts and treats. It was such a fun tradition. We would plan ahead what we would make and each one of us would gather ingredients and things we needed, then meet at one of our homes. It was always a marathon day of making and baking as much as we possibly could to give as gifts to friends and family. I treasure those memories and miss those days. 

Sadly, three years ago, one of my best friends became ill with cancer. When she was so sick, she turned to the Lord for strength. She knew He was her mighty fortress and would help her through it. She was quite a witness through her trials. She fought so hard when the cancer spread throughout, yet her frail body just could not take it anymore. Her tent, her body, had been destroyed by the cancer. She was about to celebrate her 43rd birthday when Jesus chose to bring her home instead to celebrate it with Him. For her 43rd birthday she had a new body and she was in her forever home celebrating with Jesus. 

As you begin new and old traditions of celebrating the birth of Christ, hold your friends and family close. Thank the Lord for them and remember that our tents are temporary. We will get rips and tears or even broken poles, but for those who believe in Christ, we shall live in new homes forever with Him. If you are concerned about your tent and your forever home, then Romans 10:9 is for you, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Salvation, through Jesus, is the best gift you could receive this Christmas. You will experience Peace of mind knowing that your forever home is in Heaven.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, what a beautiful day it has been. Thank You for sending the sunshine during these cold days as a reminder of the warmth that Jesus brings. Ignite in us the desire to move our tents wherever You call us to share the best gift of all, Your Son! In Jesus’ precious name. Amen. 

Published by Tiffany C. Schwander

Tiffany has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University and has been helping families for over 20 years. She and her husband, Mark, are raising their teenage twin sons to be strong in their faith and knowledgeable in the Word to strongly face life’s joys and trials. Tiffany has been Linda Colby’s associate teacher for the past three years in a national women’s ministry leading and guiding women and teens. Tiffany enjoys encouraging, teaching and counseling women and children into a closer relationship with Jesus as they study His Word.

3 thoughts on “Forever Home

  1. This story is so moving! Reminder that God will bring healing. He may choose to do it now, But we can rest on his promise for new, eternal bodies And life with him forever!


  2. Such a perfect message for today when our Nation remembers President HW Bush and his amazing service to His God, his country and his family. His service was filled with this same message of hope, redemption, and salvation. What joy to be in the company of Jesus, our Lord!


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