Joy in our Salvation

clark with fork - joy in salvationRestore to me the joy of your salvation. 
Psalm 51:12
Clark sat with us at a table overlooking a big picture window, watching people walk by outside. My husband, Derek and I were enjoying time with our 13 month old grandson Clark, while his parents worked on some repairs at home. 
Clark is a happy baby that loves interacting with people. He was very busy, waving and smiling to the passerby’s outside as he enjoyed his snack. It was a delight to watch, as people would walk by, focused on their plans and personal problems, faces downcast and serious; but as soon as they caught sight of the waving , smiling baby boy; they were transformed. Their heads would pop up, their faces would break into huge smiles and every single person waved vigorously back to the baby in the window.
Our Savior Jesus, was a baby once too, and then He grew into a man that changed the world. This man, that was God in the flesh, gave us, hope, peace and joy. He brought us love, forgiveness and eternal life. He gave us a reason to be full of joy and to smile and wave at everyone we meet. 
Let Clark remind us, we have something to be happy and joyful about. We just celebrated the birth of our Savior, now let us continue to rejoice in the salvation that Jesus brought for each one of us. 
Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, how we rejoice in Jesus our Savior. Thank you for the hope and joy you have given us. May we be filled with your presence as we praise your Glorious Name. 

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  1. Amen Linda, Amen! I loved your story about Clark. I felt like I was there. What a wonderful picture of unconditional love. God loves us in the same way as He cheers us on and waves at us so that we will focus our attention on Him. Blessings, Susan

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