Slow Down and smell the roses

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul. Psalm 23:1-3a

My husband and I were on our way to the airport to drop off my sister-in-laws truck, so she would have a vehicle while she was in town. I followed behind him in my own car, trying to keep up with him as he raced along. On the way back home, in my car together, he said, “Why did you drive so slow? It was like I was driving Miss Daisy”. I laughed, it was hardly slow. Then I told him, I had brought my speed down a bit, because it helped with my stress and actually allowed me to enjoy my surroundings.

I learned this lesson one dark, foggy night when I was hurrying home from my mother-in-law’s house. I had just dropped my kids off for a sleepover, because I had surgery scheduled the next morning.

As I raced home (because folding clothes and packing for the hospital seemed so important), I approached Cooper mountain. The fog was so thick at this point I could only see possibly 15 feet in front of me. Good reason to slow down. However, I was an excellent driver, even in the fog. Or so I thought. In the next instant I was in a hairpin turn, going to fast, as I careened out of control and plowed right into a farmers field.

I took a moment to thank the Lord, that I was alright and my car was not damaged, then I tried to get out of that field. It had been raining the day before and the field was a muddy mess. I was stuck. My mad rush home was all for not.

My husband didn’t answer his phone right away, and I didn’t want to waste money on a tow truck, so there I sat. Surprisingly, with time on my hands. It was three hours later by the time we got the car out of the field and we got back home. However, I learned a great lesson in those three hours. Racing through life, gets us nowhere fast. Slow down and smell the roses.

With this approach, I have found I enjoy life so much more. My stress level in driving has gone way down, and also in my job and chores. It’s not the end of the world if my tasks are not done as quickly as I first thought they should be. And I find when I allow myself slack in my own life, I am able to offer the same to others. Making me a much more pleasant person to be around (or so I’ve been told).

For me the Lord’s green pastures ended up being a bit brown and muddy, but they refreshed me just the same. Slow down and let the Lord refresh your life.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for learning lessons in our lives. Help us to slow down and enjoy the world and the people around us. Amen.

Published by Linda Colby

Linda has been a Bible teacher in a national women's ministry for the past 14 years, overseeing and leading women of all ages and their children in their pursuit of growing in the knowledge and understanding of the Word and deepening their relationships in Jesus Christ. She is now involved with the new ministry “The Encouraging Word”. She has a Masters in Bible and Theology from Western Seminary and works with a team to write Bible studies that will encourage, teach, counsel and grow men and women in relationship to God and to one another.

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