Danger Submerged Objects

You shall have no other gods before me”. Exodus 20:3

There is a bridge in Sunriver, Oregon that crosses the Deschutes River and on the railing is a sign that reads, “Danger submerged objects”. Some people might disregard that message because they think somebody’s just a bossy killjoy, trying to steal all the fun. So they decide to jump off the bridge into the beautiful waters of the Deschutes River. But underneath those dark waters are twisted and broken tree snags, just waiting to bruise and impale an unsuspecting jumper.

I have heard people say the same thing about the Ten Commandments. They are just rules from a bossy, killjoy, God, trying to steal all our fun. But in fact the Ten Commandments are a love letter, written to us from the heart of God. They are written to protect us and save us from submerged dangers that we cannot see with our eyes. Dangers that lie just beneath the surface that will bruise and impale us.

Just as an earthly father calls out “stop!” To his little son that is about to run across the street, our Heavenly Father calls out “stop! Do not worship any other gods besides me.” For, He knows it will only lead to sorrow, emptiness and eventually death.

Receive God’s directions in the spirit they were written, from a loving father that does not want to see his children hurt.

1. You shall have no other gods before me. 2. Do not make for yourself an idol. 3. Do not misuse the name of the Lord. 4. Remember the Sabbath day. 5. Honor your father and mother. 6. You shall not murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not lie. 10. You shall not covet.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for caring enough about us to warn us of the submerged dangers of life. How blessed we are, when we heed your loving counsel.

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