You are a Mist

This week I have been reading in the book of James. It is thought that this book was written by Jesus’ brother, James. When Jesus was alive on this earth, even His brother did not believe that He was the Messiah. It was after Jesus died, rose alive and came to James, that he believed. What I appreciate the most about the writing of James is that he’s not focusing on the religious theories. His intent of his writings is to encourage believers to stay focused on God and to act out our faith. He implies the importance of having faith in God will produce good works.

Faith and good works collaborate in harmony. You can not have one without the other. Take a moment and think of the cross. There are two lines that create the shape of the cross. The vertical line is our relationship with God. The horizontal line represents the good works for a needful world. So, what are good works? The book of James is filled with examples of good works. The Bible, in its entirety, is overflowing with wisdom regarding good works. Since, our lives are but a mist that vanishes quickly (James 4:14), how do each one of us want our life to be like? What will we choose to do TODAY?

We live in a very material world that is filled with opportunities for immediate gratification for every want, whether spiritual or sinful. We can access the most inappropriate books, television shows and websites automatically. It takes self control to not enter into these things. Yet, this same instant retrieval, can allow us to seek the Bible instead. If we desire to read the Bible, many of us have several Bible translations on our bookshelves and have access to the Bible on-line or in a Bible application.

God’s Word is readily available to most of us. In fact, I once read a statistic that if you were to lay out every single page of the Bibles that have been printed, they would circle around the earth several times. There is so much wisdom within the Bible that you truly do not need any other book. The Bible keeps our focus on what truly matters: a relationship with Jesus and sharing His love with others.

Do you want your life to be in a sea of storms, hardly able to keep your head above water as you grasp for things of this world, or do you want to be in the safety of God’s boat to weather the storms? The boat you need is a relationship with Jesus and the sail that guides you is the Bible. Choose Jesus and His works will overflow from your life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for providing clear direction for us within Your Word. You care about every detail of our lives and hold us close to You throughout the storms of life. Chaos may stir around us, yet You keep us protected. Help us to see today how we can make a difference in the lives around us, because we do not know what will happen tomorrow. May we be Your hands and feet showing Your love to all. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

One thought on “You are a Mist

  1. Tiffany, I reread your blog and I just love your word picture of the cross. I so appreciate how you give us a choice to stay in the world with all its chaos or to come to God with His love, mercy, and compassion. Yes, His Word is our lifeline, where we are nurtured and protected. Let us choose God in this day and for all our days. Blessings, Susan


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