Be Alert!

Grisley Bear

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.    1 Peter 5:8

My son and his family moved to Anchorage, Alaska last January. They have now experienced every season of an Alaskan year. They enjoyed the summer months, where the sun seemed to never set and they loved the winter, with every type of snow sport at their disposal. However, the spring in Anchorage was not their favorite. They are avid hiker’s and the spring rains can cause havoc to the mountain trails, not to mention, April is called the starving season for bears. They are just coming out of hibernation and there is very little for them to eat at this point. People must be extremely cautious in parks and forested areas, for the bears are ravenously hungry and will attack people if they cross their path.

That being said, my son’s friend David was kayaking on a small river, very close to Anchorage when he spotted a grizzly bear on the bank. The water was low and the bear was able to keep pace with him on the edge of the river. At times he would charge into the water, swaying back-and-forth, huffing and snarling at him. Then he would continue to follow him down the river, never taking his eyes off David for a minute.

David said, he had never paddled so hard in his life. He was terrified of the huge, hungry grizzly bear! He knew he would be dinner, if that bear caught him. David was able to get away, but he said he would never forget the picture of that snarling bear in his mind. From now on he would always be on the lookout for bears in the woods.

What a fabulous image of our enemy the devil, prowling around, looking for someone to devour. If we can only keep that image in our mind, of a huffing, snarling, grizzly bear, charging towards us, wanting nothing more than to devour us for lunch. It will keep us alert and cautious. We will not be so quick to enter areas of temptation, or to listen to the lies of the enemy. For the devil wants nothing more than to see us weaken and fall. Making us feel guilty and useless in our Christian walk.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for our Savior Jesus, that rescues us from the attacks of the enemy and enables us to stand firm in our faith. Prepare us for the battle ahead. Help us be cautious and alert to the enemy that wants to destroy us. Give us strength and wisdom to stand and resist him. We love you Lord. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Be Alert!

  1. Thank you Linda for that reminder. What a powerful image! Sometimes I think we notice those big, outward attacks, its the subtle ones the devil uses, the deception, the lies that we fail to see until it is too late and we are caught in his trap. May God truly give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and a sharp mind to recognize the devils influence and resist it in all its many forms. Amen to you prayer for each one of us. Easter Blessings, Susan


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