The Slow Enticement of Sin

The evil deeds of the wicked ensnare them; the cords of their sins hold them fast. Proverbs 5:22

My pastor shared a story of an African village that struggled with baboons. Up to 30 baboons began to wander into their village at night, causing havoc, as they broke into the peoples food supplies while they slept. As time went by the baboon thief’s became more and more aggressive, even being so bold as to stealing into peoples homes and breaking things in their quest for more food.

The villagers knew something had to be done, for their families were suffering with the lack of food. So they built a large cage, and filled it with all kinds of fruit, tempting the baboons to come and eat.

The first night only one baboon was brave enough to enter the cage and eat his fill, but when the others realized there was no harm, more and more began to enter the cage each night to eat. After a week of safely eating in the cage every night, with the door remaining open, they now all went easily and willingly into the cage. But this time the door was triggered to slam shut, trapping the baboons in the cage with their stolen fruit.

The villagers were able to rid themselves forever of the stealing baboons.

At times sin can be a slow enticement. You might just begin with a couple nibbles and as time goes by and nothing bad happens, the nibbles become more like regular feasts. Until one day you suddenly realize you are trapped in your simple, innocent sin that has turned into a consuming fire.

“Sin will take you where you do not want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.” By Ron Mehl

Be careful, brothers and sisters, we too can fall into sin. The small, seemingly inconsequential sins in our lives can entice us to want more. Listen to the Holy Spirit as He convicts us and urges us to walk in righteousness.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, bring to our attention any area in our lives that we are walking too closely to sin or have already crossed the line just a little. Give us a consuming desire for your holiness and goodness, and keep us from the bondage of sin.

3 thoughts on “The Slow Enticement of Sin

  1. How true! It is so easy to be tempted to do things and say things that seem like “trivial” errors in judgement in the beginning…but have the very real potential for leading us into unintended consequences. Sin is always circling and probing for weakness…and without consciously meaning to fall into the trap, our sinful nature will always try to rationalize what we know is wrong..Sadly, in today’s culture, we are under constant pressure to ignore our convictions and embrace fleshly temptations – large and small- to rebel against Truth and Righteousness. As you say, we must listen to our convictions via the Holy Spirit and constantly adjust our sails accordingly.

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  2. Thank you Bill. I liked your comment, that we try to rationalize our sin. Oh how I long for the day when we will be forever free from our own sinful temptations.


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