Do Not Fear, God is With Us


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.        2 Timothy 1:7

Has the world gone crazy? What is happening? Toilet paper and baby wipes have become a top commodity. People are waiting hours in line just to get them. Schools and library’s have closed.  Professional athletics and sports for kids have been cancelled. Even Disney Land is shut down. This is not life as we know it.

I never thought I would be experiencing such things in my lifetime and yet here I am.  Watching too much hyped up news or feeling left behind as I look at rows and rows of empty grocery shelf’s, I find that I can become fearful and anxious. Where will this all lead?

However, as a strong believer in Jesus Christ, I don’t have to go there. I can put my full trust in the Lord. Yes, of course, we all need to take precautions, but we don’t need to be crazy people, stock piling a years supply of toilet paper in our garage. We have a Savior that loves us and will care for all our needs. We can be calm and encourage others to take a breath, and to trust Jesus.

A friend from Panama shared this anonymous post on Facebook by a woman in quarantine in Wuhan, China and I thought it was so beautiful. It encouraged me that God is indeed good and has good plans for all of us, even in these confusing times. So I would like to share it (with some edits) with all of you.


WUHAN. It’s roughly day 48 of the city’s quarantine. We’ve been locked in our apartment complex for many weeks. We are living in such strange times.

After my last post, which was all about locks on doors and further restrictions, my husband asked me if I’ve posted any of the good. But…but…well, but nothing. That convicted me.

So from the epicenter of the corona virus, here is just some of the good we have been experiencing because of the lock down.

Our family life has never been better. Usually one weekend is long enough before I’m ready to send each of us back to school or work. But for SEVEN weeks, we’ve been home together with very little outside influences or distraction, forced to reconnect with one another, learn how to communicate better, give each other space, slow down our pace, and be a stronger family.

We’ve learned how to accept help from others. We have had to rely on others to show us how to get food and other things we need. People are so good, and they want to help.

Shopping is so much easier now. It comes straight to our complex, and we just pick it up.

Right now I hear birds outside my window (on the 25th floor). I used to think there weren’t really birds in Wuhan, because you rarely saw them and never heard them. I now know they were just muted and crowded out by the traffic and people. All day long now I hear birds singing. It stops me in my tracks to hear the sound of their wings.

Spring in Wuhan is absolutely stunning. God has been giving us glimpses of the beauty to come with near-perfect weather. Because of the lock down we get to watch spring slowly unfold right in front of us with no work, traffic, pollution, or other distractions. I have pulled up my chair and am ready for the creator’s show.

We take naps in the middle of the day sometimes, we have all been reading so much more than before and we talk on the phone with our families more than ever before. We still work and do school, but all from home and all on flexible hours.

I could devote a whole post to the amazing community we’ve been blessed with because of this lock down. Because of this quarantine, we have bonded with and supported each other in ways that I’ve never experienced in the 9 years of living here.

My prayer life has never been better and my study time has been much more real. I have quiet time that is actually quiet. God is providing so many opportunities for good while we are here, and he is showing us his goodness every single moment.

We are at peace in the epicenter of the virus. We are at peace in the epicenter of his will.

Fear is a faithless coward and has no place in the lives of believers. Fear and worry have no seat at our table. We’re here because he wants us here, right now, for his purpose.

Corona virus wants you to isolate and stock up and take care of your own first. Instead, look to him first while you take care of others. God is caring for us so richly and showering us with SO MUCH GOOD each and every moment.

Psalm 118:6 – The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? 

Prayer: Thank you Heavenly Father for encouraging your children all over the world by this woman’s post. You are working all things out for our good. We can trust you that you will bring good out of these strange and crazy times. Help us to keep our eyes on you during this storm and not be distracted by the waves as Peter was when he was walking on the water to Jesus. We love you and praise you and look forward to what you will teach us during the coming days. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

For further reading: Matthew 14: 22-33

We need to encourage each other during these crazy times. How has the Lord blessed you in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic? I would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Do Not Fear, God is With Us

  1. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that God is in charge and we just need to need to listen to him.


  2. Makes one ponder on how much the cares of this world and the busy-ness of life have kept us over the years from precious connection time with Him and the ones He has placed in our lives to love and be loved by.

    Thanks for sharing. I am forwarding to others


  3. What a beautiful post and outlook on life. It humbles me. Perhaps that is what God is seeking, for us to humble ourselves and get quiet so that we can listen, really listen to Him. I pray this over our families, or nation, and our world. Come Lord Jesus into each heart and make it yours. Amen


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