What Does Your Land Look Like?

They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat down on them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water. Isaiah 49:10

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12

A few blessings of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it has caused me to slow down my pace overall, become creative in my work with clients over video conferencing and meeting with others in this way too. Yesterday, we had our first Bible study Zoom meeting and it was so wonderful seeing most of our ladies from our focus group. We began a new study, Patriarchs, that Linda Colby has written where we are digging deep into the Bible. I’m so thankful for Linda and the way God has gifted her to write fantastic Bible studies.

The last question of the study asked us how what we learned in the study can be applied to our life today. As a counselor, I absolutely love these types of application questions! We had studied about the journey and life of Abram and Lot. At one point in Genesis 13, Abram and Lot needed to separate to keep peace. Abram offers Lot to choose which land to inhabit. Lot looked across and saw the well-watered and fertile Jordan valley and chose to live there. So, Abram moves into Canaan pitching his tents near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron. God had given the land of Canaan to Abram and he descendants.

Which land has God currently given you? Are you in a home, apartment, rental, or a family member’s home? Does it feel like your land is dried up and that you are withering in the desert? Or is your land lush and well-watered by your choices that you are making to spend your days? Are you allowing the Lord to lead you beside springs of water? I have chosen to walk down to the spring and gather water by digging into God’s Word so that I can pour out His love upon the land of my home. I am clothing myself in the Gardener’s clothes of Christ’s character traits that are listed in Colossians 3:12. I am challenging myself that though I feel ineffective and withering at times, that I can choose to clothe myself and be compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient through Christ alone who strengthens me.

What will you choose to do with the land you have been given?

Be encouraged!

Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for your Word that is filled with wonderful examples for us in how to live our lives under any and all circumstances. Help us to lift our eyes up to you and to live as Christ so that we can pour out your love onto those around us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

For further reading: Colossians 3

Published by Tiffany C. Schwander

Tiffany has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University and has been helping families for over 20 years. She and her husband, Mark, are raising their teenage twin sons to be strong in their faith and knowledgeable in the Word to strongly face life’s joys and trials. Tiffany has been Linda Colby’s associate teacher for the past three years in a national women’s ministry leading and guiding women and teens. Tiffany enjoys encouraging, teaching and counseling women and children into a closer relationship with Jesus as they study His Word.

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