Coming Home


So, he returned home to his father, and while he was still a long distance away, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion he ran to his son embraced him and kissed him. Luke 15:17

The autumn season with all its beautiful changing colors, makes me think of apple cider, foggy mornings, jean jackets, pumpkin spice lattes and coming home. When I was in college I loved to come home in the fall. Being away meant constant new challenges; educationally and spiritually, and by the end of my first month at college I felt drained and lonely (even though I was surrounded by people). Coming home reminded me, who I was and who loved me.

I heard a story about a farmer whose son went off to college. The father was concerned about the atheistic teaching his son would be exposed to while there and sure enough when his son returned home for a visit he was struggling with his faith in God.

As they were conversing one day under an oak tree, the son suddenly blurted out, “Dad, I just can’t believe in God anymore. Why, look at those pumpkins over there on the ground. They are big and heavy yet have small and tender vines.”

“But, this big oak tree, capable of supporting the weight of the pumpkins, only produces teeny acorns. If there really was an intelligent God of this universe, he would’ve placed the pumpkins on this oak tree, and the teeny acorn on the fragile vine.”

Suddenly an acorn fell from the tree, bouncing lightly off the top of the young man’s head. As the truth slowly dawned, he sheepishly spoke, “Dad, thank God that was not a pumpkin.”

Throughout our lifetime we have moments when we question God. Are you real Lord? Do you care for me? We have periods of time we walk in the ways of the world, like the prodigal son, separated from his father by sin.

Whatever it may be, I urge you to come home to God today. Seek His presence, His forgiveness, His love and companionship. Get a hot spiced pumpkin latte and sit down with your Heavenly Father for a nice visit. He’s waiting for you to come home.

Prayer: I miss you Father. I want to come home to stay. I love you. Amen.

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