God Loves You

“As for God, His way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; He shields all who take refuge in Him” (2 Samuel 22:31).

My poor little boy was outside playing when he fell and scraped his knee. The blood was flowing down his leg and there was dirt and little tiny pieces of gravel embedded into his open sore. I scooped him up and brought him inside to clean up his knee. But he kept saying, ”No Mama, it hurts!” As I comforted him, I said, ”We have to get it cleaned out or it will get worse.” Once it was cleaned and Neosporin and bandages were placed over it, I prayed for healing and for the pain to go away. While hugging and kissing my son, I told him that it will be OK. His wound will heal.

Sometimes wounds are open and you can see what has happened. Other times wounds are hidden beneath the surface and you don’t know what’s going on. How many people are walking around with the worst wound of all? A broken heart? A wounded spirit? An unsaved soul. They need to take refuge in the One who shields.

If you saw someone bleeding, you’d rush up to them, assess the situation to help and comfort them. You’d find bandages, a way to wash the wound, apply medicine, and dress it. What if we start assuming that people around us are wounded and that they need to be assessed. Ask them if they know Jesus. Tell them how much God loves them, gave his only Son to die for them, and if they believe in their heart they shall be saved (John 3:16). Their soul will be healed. Just think, healing for so many can begin with a loving conversation!!!

Prayer: Loving Father, you know all of our wounds. You see every hurt, every pain. We bring them before you taking refuge and ask for healing and for opportunities to help others. We love you and thank you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

For further reading: John 3

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