The Christmas Story

Merry Christmas to all our readers! We at the Encouraging Word, thank you for your support this year. Tiffany and I have enjoyed sharing our hearts and our passion for Jesus with you all. We pray our posts would turn your hearts to Jesus, and continue to keep the Word fresh in your minds. This…Read more »

An Alaskan Christmas Eve Story – Part 5

Hannah listened again as she heard the painful cries and barks of an animal in the woods. He must be close by she thought, because the sounds were so loud. She stilled the warning voices in her head that said, “Don’t go into the woods, you can’t help a wild animal”, and set out to…Read more »

An Alaskan Christmas Eve Story – Part 4

Hannah was falling, her hands flailed to catch something to stop her fall, with no success, she continued sliding down the side of the ravine. Unexpectedly she came to an abrupt stop. She cautiously got her bearings and surveyed her surroundings. Horrified, Hannah’s breath caught in her throat as she realized she had come to…Read more »

An Alaskan Christmas Eve Story – Part 3

Hannah stared at the enraged grizzly bear, as he continued to charge at the river and sway back and forth. She couldn’t even move she was so scared, she just whispered under her breath,” Jesus, Jesus, help me.” As she realized the bear was not going to attempt to cross the river, she began to…Read more »